To: The Miami Valley Mesh Alliance

The next MVMA meeting is this Saturday, March 10th, from 9:30 am to Noon at the Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club (BARC) Clubhouse, located at  Sugarcreek Elementary School, 51 South East Street, Bellbrook, OH 45305, Room 1, Lower Level.


  • Show and Tell
  • Introductions
  • Recent Successes and Learning Experiences
  • Status of existing Mesh Networks and Installs
  • Continuing Saga of Water on the Node
  • Hamvention
  • Needed tests
  • Web site upgrades
  • Status of WinLink
  • Hands-On Workshops (flash nodes, etc.)

Voice Streaming over Mesh: by N8NQH

I have been experimenting with streaming live audio over mesh, and currently have two setups running.

They both are being fed analog audio from a weather radio, but it could be any source of analog audio.

Method 1 of 2; over VoIP

If you want to hear live streaming of the NWS broadcast (162.475),  just dial from your VoIP mesh phone.

VoIP manual dialing instructions:

Quick Talk: punch in    *4710*197*239*237

Gransdtream 1600 series: press center button of navigational arrow array. Arrow down until you see “Direct IP Call”; press center button to select. Type in IP address using the star key for the decimal.

Grandstream GXV3240 series: From main screen press the telephone handset icon on lower left of screen (this is the icon without the arrows). In the center of this next screen, press the MODE button until “IP CALL” shows. using the phones hard keypad, enter in the IP address , using the * star key as the decimal. Lastly, press the green audio call button.


I will leave this operational. you can setup a speed-dial (MPK) button if you wish.

Method 2 of 2; using your browser (no VoIP phone)

From your mesh connected computer, type in this URL (IP address): into your browser.

 Within a few seconds your computer should be sounding the NWS broadcast over your computers own speakers.

Tested browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and some Internet Explorer browsers are working.

This stream is created by a stand-alone MP3 streaming device. Has analog audio input jack on one side, and an Ethernet port on the other…. pretty much worked right out of the box. Standalone; no computer or server needed… plugged Ethernet port directly into my mesh node. I don’t have an info page on this one yet, email me if you’re interested… I can get you the details.


Please contact me if you have questions, comments, or new agenda items.