MVMA Meeting Tomorrow — Sept 9th

The next MVMA meeting  is tomorrow, September 9th, from 9:30 am to Noon at the Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club (BARC) Clubhouse, located at  Sugarcreek Elementary School, 51 South East Street, Bellbrook, OH 45305, Room 1, Lower Level.

Tentative Agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Recent Successes and Learning Experiences
  • Status of Mesh Networks and Installs
  • Status of WinLink
  • Progress (or lack of) on “Summer Tasks” prioritized at our July meeting.

KAS Tower-Related Tasks (Includes Winlink tasks)

  • Installing Mesh Node on KAS Tower (2.4 GHz, Dual Polarity MIMO, Omnidirectional).
  • Install Winlink RMS Relay on KAS Mesh Node: Integrate Winlink with Mesh
  • Rewicker the KAS WinLink computer so it will auto-boot following power failure (without requiring a Windows sign-in).
  • Work with Dan Kenney to bring TWC Internet to tower, to replace (or supplement) the cell tower hotspot internet we are now using.
  • Adding a 2 meter WinLink server on 145.01, using an existing 2m/70cm antenna (now being used only for a 70cm repeater) by adding a diplexer.
  • Getting one of the backup generators on site hooked up, with a fuel supply, to support all systems on the KAS tower (except for cell phone systems, which have their own backup power)..

Non-KAS related summer task docket …..

  • Installing solar for mesh on the 2nd Street tank.
  • Doing tests at BARC clubhouse to see if mesh links are viable to the KAS Tower Node, and to nodes located on the Ridgeway Drive tanks.
  • Doing tests to see if links are viable between the 2nd Street Tank and the Jamestown QTHs of Larry KB8EMD and Brett NV8I.
  • Making additional heroic tries….. to get a mesh node installed on:
  • The Jamestown  tank, by the high school (cover EMD and Brett, NV8I)
  • Beavercreek Township Road Dept. tower ….(to cover Tara neighborhood – Phil-ZKR, and Tim-UQI)
  • On a BVK fire tower at Knollwood, or Indian Ripple stations.  May help ADO, DCP, XA, & JJ.   KAS may also fill those needs.
  • The Bellbrook Ridgeway Dr. tank. (for BARC clubhouse, Fred, and other Bellbrook players).
  • Q&A
  • Summary
  • Hands-On Workshops (flash nodes, etc.)