MVMA Meeting This Saturday — 8 July

The next MVMA meeting  is this Saturday, July 8th , from 9:30 am to Noon at the Bellbrook Amateur Radio Club (BARC) Clubhouse, located at  Sugarcreek Elementary School, 51 South East Street, Bellbrook, OH 45305, Room 1, Lower Level.

Tentative Agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Recent Successes and Learning Experiences
  • Status of Mesh Networks and Installs
  • Status of WinLink
  • Prioritization of “Summer Task” Candidates

KAS Tower-Related Tasks (Includes Winlink tasks)

  • Installing Mesh Node on KAS Tower (2.4 GHz, Dual Polarity MIMO, Omnidirectional).
  • Install Winlink RMS Relay on KAS Mesh Node: Integrate Winlink with Mesh
  • Rewicker the KAS WinLink computer so it will auto-boot following power failure (without requiring a Windows sign-in).
  • Work with Dan Kenney to bring TWC Internet to tower, to replace (or supplement) the cell tower hotspot internet we are now using.
  • Adding a 2 meter WinLink server on 145.01, using an existing 2m/70cm antenna (now being used only for a 70cm repeater) by adding a diplexer.  Not sure if we will need a second computer, or if we can run a second instance of WinLink RMS server on the existing machine.
  • Providing a mesh audio bridge that will allow mesh users to place telephone calls to mesh IP addresses that will connect them to one of the repeaters on that site (BARC or ARES).
  • Getting one of the backup generators on site hooked up, with a fuel supply, to support all systems on the KAS tower (except for cell phone systems, which have their own backup power)..
  • Installing a PTZ mesh camera on the KAS tower.  Any thoughts on this ….. pro or con?

Non-KAS related summer task docket …..

  • Installing solar for mesh on the 2nd Street tank.
  • Doing tests at BARC clubhouse to see if mesh links are viable to the KAS Tower Node, and to nodes located on the Ridgeway Drive tanks.
  • Doing tests to see if links are viable between the 2nd Street Tank and the Jamestown QTHs of Larry KB8EMD and Brett NV8I.
  • Making additional heroic tries….. to get a mesh node installed on:
  • The Jamestown  tank, by the high school (cover EMD and Brett, NV8I)
  • Beavercreek Township fire tower ….. Stn 61(to cover Tara neighborhood – Phil-ZKR, and Tim-UQI)
  • On a BVK fire tower at Knollwood, or Indian Ripple stations.  May help ADO, DCP, XA, & JJ.   KAS may also fill those needs.
  • The Bellbrook Ridgeway Dr. tank. (for BARC clubhouse, Fred, and other Bellbrook players).

Other Tasks Not Mentioned Above???

  • Q&A
  • Summary
  • Hands-On Workshops (flash nodes, etc.)