November 9th, 2019

Thank you John W. (W8LRJ) and Henry R. (W8HKR) for providing access to the meeting room.

Attending: Chuck NC8Q, John J. N8JJ, John W. W8LRJ, Henry W8HKR, Mark KD8DGH, Bob AC8ZU, Moe AB8XA.

New in AREDN firmware: dropping ‘.local.mesh’ from node names.

John W. to pursue a DARA<>Pursell Ave.
(Immediately, I suggest pointing the AirGrid at Pursell at DARA’s Bullet;
 later I suggest a pair of RBLHG-5HPnD, and afterwards,
 for Pursell to Gary N8SPY, I suggest a pair of SXTsg-5HPnD)

Bob AC8ZU expressed interest in our mesh and John W. will pass the
loaner kit along.

 Using Mark’s hotspot we tunneled into the mesh and loaded a meshmap and
looked around the network.


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